Monday, September 28, 2015

How Valor is Changing the Game

A lot of you might be wondering why I keep blowing up your newsfeed with short blurbs about an app you've never heard of.  To answer your question, I'm currently working part time as a campus rep for Valor Connect, a brand new app designed to streamline the student/alumni networking experience.

The notion of Valor is as simple as can be, but the benefits of the software could be revolutionary with respect to the career search process for students.  As opposed to more traditional networking tools, I.e. LinkedIn and alumni databases, Valor is directed at the user.  What does that mean exactly, you might ask?  When browsing a directory of alumni, a student must sift through thousands of names and companies just to find one possible connection.  Valor, on the other hand, features an interface much like Tinder that connects parties who might be compatible based on their interests and experience.

Now, for the first time ever, 5 minutes of casual perusal on a smartphone could lead to the same exact connections that formerly could only be achieved through formal networking and countless unanswered emails.  To connect on Valor, you don't need a suit and tie, or even a cover letter.  All you need is a few interests and a two sentence elevator pitch.

Are you sick of showing up to networking events only to get sweat on and quickly forgotten by recruiters?  Do you yearn for a better way to approach the entire networking process?  Do you want to find a real connection, not just another business card?

If your answer to any of these questions was yes, you should sign up for Valor right now.  We are just a handful of downloads away from unlocking the Emory community, and dozens of others schools are following close behind.

So, stop complaining about the exhausting recruiting process, and do something to change it, today.

Thursday, September 24, 2015


A second try at poetry...

Most people don't show enough gratitude
Still nobody has the right attitude
New York to Peru, that's just latitude
Fake differences, no reason to be rude
The clothes on your back are in your control
Your governor says don't take birth control
Your mother still listens to Snow Patrol
Your first stoner friend just got off parole
The birds & the bees, they still rule the world
Our toddlers still play with their Barbie girls
Discrimination 'til the law unfurls
You straighten your hair but I love those curls

Complacency's ripe in the air we breathe
The youth are afraid to dream or believe