Thursday, October 29, 2015


A friend's more than Facebook or Greek letters.
More than petty, popularity shows.
And when your friend fails, you say do better.
Friends always come first, that everyone knows.
Narcissism describes those who are weak.
High MCAT score? Why are you telling me?
One day everybody will have to peak.
Those 12 year olds at Scripps–a spelling bee.
With friends it's not what's first, it's what comes last.
Each action shaping relationships now.
To predict the future, look at the past.
If they refuse to change, they don't know how.
A friend never throws you under the bus.
And when they do, you know who not to trust.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Story Contest: Freddy (Krueger) Bear?

So I moved into my house for the year in August and I was the only one living there for a month. I notice that there is a 91 inch 
(over 7 ft tall!) teddy bear in the living room. Trying to rearrange the room and finding nowhere to put this bear, a friend and I carry it out to the curb. A day passes and it doesn’t get taken (who would want it?!). 

The next day the bear gets taken. “Great,” I think. “Someone 
must have taken it to give to their grandson or something.” And like that, it was out of my life. Nothing spooky about that.

A few days go by and as I’m getting home from work, I notice 
that THE BEAR IS BACK ON THE CURB. SITTING UP. I am sufficiently creeped out. Who would return the bear? Why? Did it come back on its own? So many questions.

Then, the next day, it was gone again. But from that moment I lived in agony wondering if the bear would appear on my curb, in my 
house, in my room.

After a while, the debilitating fear died down. But still, to this day, the mystery of the greater-than-life-sized bear goes unsolved.

By: Matt Gallub

Halloween Story Contest: A Nightmare On Biltmore Drive

It was a calm quiet night on October 31st, 2015. I was lying in bed, wary of the shuttering windows and ominous howling outside. "It's all in your head man," I thought to myself. "You're just hearing things."

It was hard to get my mind off of the unknown that lied outside my bedroom window. "I need to pass the time somehow," I thought to myself. Struggling to fall asleep I opened up my laptop and went to the one website I always rely on to put me to sleep:

Alas, within minutes, the lackluster writing and haughty themes that encompassed every story worked on my eyelids, causing them to shut. I fell asleep within minutes.

And then a ghost came and spooked me.

By: Asim Lal

Say Yes

Everyone tells you, "no," you must say, "yes."
Success must begin with a leap of faith.
Opportunity comes to whom fears less.
Whether you're batting third or batting eighth.
A hero does the unexpected, see.
Rich orphan fights for vengeance, the Dark Knight.
But without Robin, what would Batman be?
It takes an army to do what is right.
Dare to be different–brilliance is unique.
If you're the same, you'll never be at peace.
Stop being silent, it's your turn to speak.
Life's not a mortgage, rather, it's a lease.
Stop wasting time, you need to seize the day.
When you're in bed, the time's slipping away.


Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween Story Contest: Dad Hair Day

Halloween used to be the most celebrated holiday in my family. We’d have all the neighborhood families over, eat a big meal, dress up and go out and trick or treat. However, it’s not the funky dough shaped snake filled with hot dogs or the first time my parents allowed me and my friends to go alone that I’ll remember, rather the costumes my dad would wear.

Ever since I can remember, my dad has dressed up as the most absurd things for Halloween. Whether it was an inmate, whoopee cushion or camera roll, it was always something to be remembered. Every year, neighbors flocked to my house to see what the next costume was going to be, because it’s not everyday that you get to see a grown man dressed up like a kid—if not even more dressed up. Yet, that was the best part about it, it showed us kids that adults never fully grow up. It taught us that we were never too old to knock on doors and ask for candy, or simply dress up for fun.

One year in particular, however, was specifically memorable. After I left for college my dad continued this tradition. My freshman year I received a photo of my dad dressed up—it was great and brought me back to my Halloween memories made at home. The next year however, to my surprise, I didn’t receive a photo or even a mention about Halloween.

When I came home for Thanksgiving break, my dad’s hair looked a little peculiar to me. Known as the silver fox, his grey hair wasn’t quite as grey as it had always been. I was quick to question him.

“Dad, what’s up with your hair?”

“Oh I forgot to tell you?” He responded, “I dressed up as the sun for Halloween and the yellow dye isn’t coming out as easily as I thought it would.”

This seemed normal to me, as he always took his costumes very seriously. I never thought twice about it.

When winter break rolled around, I was riding in the car with my mom. I looked over and asked her, “mom, did dad ever catch any flack for his hair?”

“What do you mean, of course he did,” she answered.

“Why of course? It’s makes sense because of his costume, people would definitely understand that.”

“Oh…He didn’t tell you? That wasn’t a part of his costume, his hair dresser convinced him to try and dye his hair for the first time ever and it came out yellow…”

By: Michael Ginsburg

Halloween Story Contest: The Party's In the Basement

            Sweaty. Dark. Loud. The basement of a fraternity house is just about the opposite of romantic. And yet, weekend after weekend, flocks of college students fill the sticky, beer-covered floors, convinced that they’ll be the lucky ones to find love in a hopeless place.
            Kathryn Miller didn’t exactly consider herself the frat party type. The smell of perspiration mixed with cheap alcohol and Axe body spray made her queasy, and she got claustrophobic in the midst of the dancing masses.
            But she decided to make the trek to the fraternity quad for Halloween, hoping that maybe tonight would be different. She straightened her hair and penciled on a neat ray of eyeliner. Tonight, she could wear a costume. She could be someone else—someone who wasn’t afraid of parties and crowds and boys.
            As Kathryn and her friends descended the staircase into the basement, they felt the temperature rise 10 degrees. She was nervous. Maybe this outing had been a mistake. Maybe her costume couldn’t protect her. Who was she fooling?
            But Kathryn’s friends saw the nervous look in her eyes and dragged her onto the dance floor.
            “Just have fun,” they told her.
            She awkwardly swayed and raised her hands in the air, bopping from side to side to the beat of the dub step blaring in the background. But all that she could think about was him, the boy who filled her thoughts as she tried to do her homework, as she walked to class, as she drifted to sleep each night.
            Kathryn knew he was there. Part of her hoped that he would spot her from across the room, call her name, and lift her into his arms. But part of her was terrified that he would avoid eye contact, nervously glancing at his phone instead of at her. And that would be that.
            She tried not to think about him. She danced with her friends and sang along to the music and dodged the various freshmen grinding in the middle of the dance floor. But then she felt a tap on her shoulder.
            “Kathryn?” He gave her a huge hug, lingering for an extra moment. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

            It might have been a sweaty fraternity basement, but Kathryn Miller couldn’t dream of a better place to be.

By: Samantha Max

Friday, October 23, 2015


Simple is a lie we tell ourselves everyday.
Simple is a word we use,
When we don't know what else to say.
Nothing is simple; there's no straight or gay.
No singular evil.
No one way to behave.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Halloween Story Contest

It's been a while, and this will likely be the last time Student Parking Only hosts a story contest.  If you have a funny/scary/entertaining story about Halloween, now is your chance to show off.  I'll be taking submissions (400 words or less please) at until next Wednesday, October 28 at midnight.

The winner of the contest, as decided by vote, will receive $50.

Good luck!


Inspiration is found in the darkest of places.
Life’s a series of peaks and troughs based on relations.
Nothing changes between nations, cultures, or races.
Difference isn’t a curse, rather an invitation.
Deep inside we have dreams of touching all the bases.
Jackie Robinson defied the laws of creation.
So, before it’s too late, better tie up your laces.

Each day’s only one step toward your own expiration.