Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween Story Contest: Dad Hair Day

Halloween used to be the most celebrated holiday in my family. We’d have all the neighborhood families over, eat a big meal, dress up and go out and trick or treat. However, it’s not the funky dough shaped snake filled with hot dogs or the first time my parents allowed me and my friends to go alone that I’ll remember, rather the costumes my dad would wear.

Ever since I can remember, my dad has dressed up as the most absurd things for Halloween. Whether it was an inmate, whoopee cushion or camera roll, it was always something to be remembered. Every year, neighbors flocked to my house to see what the next costume was going to be, because it’s not everyday that you get to see a grown man dressed up like a kid—if not even more dressed up. Yet, that was the best part about it, it showed us kids that adults never fully grow up. It taught us that we were never too old to knock on doors and ask for candy, or simply dress up for fun.

One year in particular, however, was specifically memorable. After I left for college my dad continued this tradition. My freshman year I received a photo of my dad dressed up—it was great and brought me back to my Halloween memories made at home. The next year however, to my surprise, I didn’t receive a photo or even a mention about Halloween.

When I came home for Thanksgiving break, my dad’s hair looked a little peculiar to me. Known as the silver fox, his grey hair wasn’t quite as grey as it had always been. I was quick to question him.

“Dad, what’s up with your hair?”

“Oh I forgot to tell you?” He responded, “I dressed up as the sun for Halloween and the yellow dye isn’t coming out as easily as I thought it would.”

This seemed normal to me, as he always took his costumes very seriously. I never thought twice about it.

When winter break rolled around, I was riding in the car with my mom. I looked over and asked her, “mom, did dad ever catch any flack for his hair?”

“What do you mean, of course he did,” she answered.

“Why of course? It’s makes sense because of his costume, people would definitely understand that.”

“Oh…He didn’t tell you? That wasn’t a part of his costume, his hair dresser convinced him to try and dye his hair for the first time ever and it came out yellow…”

By: Michael Ginsburg

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