Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Story Contest: Freddy (Krueger) Bear?

So I moved into my house for the year in August and I was the only one living there for a month. I notice that there is a 91 inch 
(over 7 ft tall!) teddy bear in the living room. Trying to rearrange the room and finding nowhere to put this bear, a friend and I carry it out to the curb. A day passes and it doesn’t get taken (who would want it?!). 

The next day the bear gets taken. “Great,” I think. “Someone 
must have taken it to give to their grandson or something.” And like that, it was out of my life. Nothing spooky about that.

A few days go by and as I’m getting home from work, I notice 
that THE BEAR IS BACK ON THE CURB. SITTING UP. I am sufficiently creeped out. Who would return the bear? Why? Did it come back on its own? So many questions.

Then, the next day, it was gone again. But from that moment I lived in agony wondering if the bear would appear on my curb, in my 
house, in my room.

After a while, the debilitating fear died down. But still, to this day, the mystery of the greater-than-life-sized bear goes unsolved.

By: Matt Gallub

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