Monday, November 28, 2016

A Dark, Slippery Slope

The president who loves to grope—
Now, isn't that a slippery slope?
How can we say we're full of hope?
Our kids are out there slinging dope.
What can we do?
Let's ask the Pope—
He'd wash out all our mouths with soap.
It's tough to find a way to cope,
When radicals start to elope.
Before we're caught in his harpoon,
We've got to sing a different tune.
We'll find a way—
And, one day soon.
Or else, we'll end up on the moon.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Unlikely Friends

Different is only one way to describe,
Two people who don't always...
Feel the same vibes.
Some fall to the left,
Some fall to the right—
That shouldn't imply that we all need to fight.
How can one half rejoice—
At the other half's plight?
How can we all move on—
With such hatred in sight?

For a world so divided,
There's no happy end.
We must reach out across,
Grabbing them by the hands.
We must open our ears,
And our hearts.

So join me today—
& let's start a new trend.
Here's to a future of unlikely friends.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Me? Well, I'm Feeling Sober

It doesn't make sense—
Why'd we vote for Mike Pence?
Sometimes, we're on the fence.
How could I be so dense?
Sure, we laughed at Ken Bone—
We read tweets on our phones.
Now the Don has our drones—
Tryna break up our homes.
How did we start with Bernie?
Got lost on our journey.
We blew the whole tourney—
She left on a gurney.
The Clintons are over—
So, stop picking clovers.
The Dems are hungover,
Me? Well, I'm feeling sober.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Turn The Other Cheek

Gotta turn the other cheek—
Never show 'em that you're weak.
The last 8 years were a peak,
For some, not others, so to speak.

Gotta get up off the ground—
We can take 'em pound for pound.
But, we better look around,
Finding those who make no sounds.

No, the answer isn't clear,
In a world so full of fear.
Throwing words of hate, like spears—
Words, intending to draw tears.

Must join in the melting pot—
You're alone, until you're not.
No one's gonna hold your spot;
Here's the ball, now take the shot.

Friday, November 11, 2016

What are we doing?

We all know what happened,
But, what are we doing?
Is protest the answer?
I don't know for sure.
We all know what happened,
But, what are we doing?
Is hatred the answer?
I don't want a war.
We don't know what's next,
And, that's how we got here.
The future's uncertain—
We've strayed from our core.
We don't know what's next,
And, that's how we got here.
How can we move on,
When the world is so sore?