Tuesday, December 11, 2012


            Thelast day of class—it used to be a huge relief. You were finally done.  But as Iwalked out of class for the last time this semester, I was accompanied by nosuch sense of freedom.  The truth is, I’mnot quite done yet.  Here comes finalsweek.
            Honestly, I don’t really know what to expect. I’ve never taken a final exam before. I’ve written final papers.  I’veprepared final presentations.  I’veconstructed final projects.  But neverhave I sat down to take a test that counts for 40% of my grade in one class.
            Inone sense, exams are a great opportunity to put hard work in and earn a goodgrade.  A week or so of dedicatedstudying can have an enormous effect on a student’s GPA.  Yet, it requires a certain alacrity anddevotion to commit to receiving the desired grades.
            Howdo you even begin to study for a test that covers a semester worth ofmaterial?  Obviously going over priorassignments and assessments should give a good indicator of what will await ontest day, but the breadth of these exams can seem quite daunting.
            Asa graduate of the Park School, where finals didn’t exist, this is entirely newterritory for me.  The idea that two anda half hours of multiple choice questions can undermine an entire semester ofstudying and work is terrifying. Nevertheless, I’m pretty confident that I’ll make it through this firstround of exams relatively unscathed.
            Toall those college freshman that are going through finals for the first time,just like me, I wish you the best of luck. Especially to the Park class of 2012, try not to worry too much.  Put in an honest effort and you’ll be justfine.  We shouldn’t write off exams as anevil invention of the educational system; I think it’s healthier to view themas just another opportunity for us to succeed. So don’t be lazy.  Hit the libraryhard for a few days—you won’t regret it.

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