Monday, January 14, 2013

Tough Break

            Admittedly, I was very excited to see my friends over winter break.  After a semester of homework, essays, and exams, I couldn’t wait to spend a few weeks with my friends from home.  Of course we would hang out by day and party by night—it was supposed to be awesome.
            A lot of my break was awesome.  I saw most of the people that I wanted to see.  I ate at a few of my favorite places and spent time with my friends that I hardly see anymore.  But coming home this December, it wasn’t quite the same.
            I didn’t return to Baltimore until December 27, because after taking the last scheduled final exam in the entire university, I went straight to Florida for a week to visit my grandparents and spend time with the rest of my family.  By the time I got back I was ready to go.  I called all of my friends to see what they were up to, but they had a party the last night and most of them didn’t feel like doing anything.  Nonetheless, a few of my buddies came over, and I was happy to be home.
            The next few days were pretty exciting; New Years Eve was a lot of fun and I enjoyed catching up with everyone.  Yet, by the beginning of January, I already had friends who were returning to their respective schools.  Others had yet to return from vacation.  The ones who were home were reluctant to make any plans.
            I didn’t understand.  I was finally home, but no one wanted to do anything.  Petty grudges and broken friendships from high school deterred the group from getting together.  When we were together, it just wasn’t quite the same.  I didn’t see one of my best friends for the entire break, because the only day that both of us were home, we also both happened to be busy.
            I talked to many of my friends and asked why all of a sudden it was so different.  No one had a great answer, but the consensus was that people change.  It’s not good or bad, people simply move on with their lives.  After all, we can’t live in high school forever.  So, instead of pleading with 14 freshmen in college to get together in one room I did the best I could.  I spent time with the people who wanted to spend time with me.
The last day that I was home, a bunch of the guys watched the Ravens game together.  We screamed and cringed as Ray Lewis and company brought home the 38-35 win over the Broncos.  When Justin Tucker nailed the game winning field goal and the victory was finally secured we dog-piled on the couch in celebration.  In the wake of that moment I was hit with nostalgia, knowing that in a few hours we’d all have to part once again.
There’s no doubt that I miss being home.  I miss the days when all of my friends lived a short drive away.  Back then, breaks were the only time I didn’t see everyone, and now they’re only time I even have the chance.  I try to keep in touch as best as I can, but distant schools and summer jobs make it all the more difficult.  In the end, it’s sad moving on, knowing that many friendships will remain, while some will undoubtedly be lost.

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