Monday, February 10, 2014

For The Boys

Girls aren’t going to like this post, but that’s okay.  I’m not writing this post for girls.  I’m writing it for that side of every guy that secretly (or sometimes not so secretly) loves nothing more than being with his boys.  Whether it’s pledging a fraternity, playing on a basketball team, or going out for wings and a beer, sometimes guys just like to do their own thing.  Every guy has a subconscious urge to be “for the boys.”
That being said, society has trained us to see our world as dominated by sex, and in many ways it is.  From ad-campaigns to job interviews, men and women are judged and treated based on their gender every single day.  Sports Illustrated sells its brand with models in swimsuits. advertises with raunchy, near-nude celebrities.  Hollister does the same exact thing with tight t-shirts.  The bottom line is that everyone is drawn to a sexy image, and these icons often dictate our actions and decisions.
The heart of the issue lies in the false perception of happiness.  The illusion that if we use certain products or spend time at certain places we will magically become better iterations of ourselves is all around us.  Anyone who believes that axe body spray is an effective replacement for deodorant has fallen prey to this constant pressure to impress the other sex.
I’m not saying we don’t love our girlfriends, or our mothers—trust me we do—but once in a while every guy has to shut out the female persuasions that constantly influence his thoughts and actions.  The beauty of a true manly relationship—platonic by definition and immune to the influence of exterior concern—is the genuine affection that stems from somewhere deeper than the necessity to reproduce.
Not often enough, these days, do I truly take the time to appreciate my boys.  It’s second nature at this point to buy a girl a drink at the bar because society tells us that’s the easiest way to start a conversation.  The act is a means to an end—perhaps well intentioned and kind—but a loaded act nonetheless.  An act for the boys represents another sentiment entirely.  We relate to each other in a way that no girl could possibly understand or replace.

So next time you’re out, forget about short skirts and low cut shirts for five minutes.  Tell your lovely lady friend that you’ll be back in a few.  Throw on some Blink-182 (don’t pretend you’re too cool for All The Small Things), grab your boys (you’ll know who they are), and enjoy the moment.  Because when your girlfriend dumps you, or your hot date walks out with another guy, these are the people who will always have your back.  We don’t need constant attention or bold gestures; we’re bigger than that, but a little acknowledgment can go a long way.  I’m not entirely convinced that this post is even interesting, let alone insightful, but that’s okay, because I wrote it for the boys.

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