Tuesday, July 22, 2014

For Those Who Think That They Know

For Those Who Think That They Know

By Samantha Max


You think that you know

But you don’t

You think that you get it

That you understand

That you are the enlightened one

But you’re not


You think that you are Moses

Who saw the face of God

You think that you’re Muhammad

Who descended up above

But you’re not

You don’t know

You don’t get it

And I don’t get it either

But I do know



I know the ancient stones

That glow

In the warm light

I know the sea

Blue and green

That whispers and sings

I know the sand

And the dirt

And the hurt

And the fear

And the people who go on anyway


I know the love

And the peace

And the safety

Despite the hate

And the war

And the danger


I also know

That it doesn’t all make sense

That it isn’t clear

And it’s not always right

And I certainly don’t

Always agree

But I care

And I feel

And I love

And I want


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