Monday, December 7, 2015

In Another Life

In another life, I could've been a Rabbi.
But, instead, I'm sitting, writing poetry.
In another life, I could've been a bad guy.
Then, I'd even sell some pot so I could eat.
In another life, I could've been a Jedi—
R2D2 as my man's best friend, a drone.
In another life, I could've caught the red-eye.
And, then, spent the year some place quite far from home.
In another life, I could've danced ballet.
Why not? All of the football players do.
In another life they wouldn't call that gay.
And, it wouldn't be a crime to be a Jew.

In another life, my days will be on Mars.
The Earth, a distant memory, long past.
In another life, I'll travel through the stars.
The final frontier, open—dark and vast.
In another life, man and machine become one.
Humanity 2.0 saving the race.
In another life, there will be nothing called fun.
Diversion, a luxury full of disgrace.
In another life, I'll find the girl of my dreams.
One who gets that I'm crazy...but, in the right way.
In another life, we will stop being extreme.
That we make it, until then, is all that I pray.

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