Sunday, November 27, 2011


            An epidemic is sweeping the senior class.  What started last spring, as a seemingly innocent exploration of sexuality, has become something much more.  The phenomenon at hand is Sophylis: senior guys falling for sophomore girls.  Over the past few months, the numbers have increased exponentially.  First one pair, then two, and now at least half a dozen couplings have occurred.
            How can we explain these recent developments?  A number of factors have most definitely had an effect on this situation; symptoms may vary.  The stem of the problem can be found in the senior class.  Among the affected group, senior guys and girls have grown impatient with the opposite sex, distancing themselves after years of close friendship.  This distancing has created a void, which for the guys, has been easily filled with presence of sophomore counterparts.
            Another substantial factor has been the curiosity of the sophomore girls.  Sophomore year is a time of growth, and these girls are discovering themselves, trying to fit into the social scene.  There is pressure to explore their sexuality and try new things.  After the first successful exploit, other girls realized that they too could pursue their own upperclassman. Conditions remain ideal for fostering more of these relationships, as each party seems to gain equal satisfaction as a result of the liaison.
            The balance of power in a relationship between a sophomore and senior has the potential to be problematic.  A serious, thoughtful relationship is one thing, but pressured flings are something much different.  Necessary precautions must be taken to ensure that no one is unduly hurt in these precarious circumstances.  If a senior and sophomore truly care about each other, and find mutual respect in a relationship, then brilliant, I wish you all the best.  However, seniors, I advise that you take care before delving into the heart of sophomores.  Sophylis is in the air, and there doesn’t seem to be a cure.