Thursday, January 5, 2012

Can't Be Beat. Won't Be Beat.

This is a letter written by senior varsity basketball captain Michael Ginsburg in response to his team's loss today:
            We had a rough outing today, but we all know it's because we didn't play our game of basketball. This isn't a halftime speech like today, rather, my push at reaching out to all of you in an attempt to instill this into your minds.
            I hope most of you can empathize with me. I've been playing basketball for as long as I can remember. I remember when my dad taught me how to shoot a lay up. Every fall I stay at school in the afternoon and play with most of you. Over the holidays we all come home early to play in a tournament that is almost meaningless to our season. And every afternoon, we practice for two hours. 
            Needless to say, the number of games that remain in my career slowly dwindles. That’s the same for every senior on this team. It's tough to come to that realization, but accepting it is what we must do. That said, every time I step out on that floor, I guarantee I'm giving you a hundred and ten percent. I come home, I'm beat up, I'm sore, I'm tired- but it's all worth it because frankly, once this season is over, I can rest for my entire life because I won't be playing like this anymore. 
            Sophomores and Juniors, I've been in your place. Nobody ever told me how important their season was to them. So here’s my testament to you: when you're in a game, you should be on the floor, talking, diving, rebounding and hustling. You should go home, and feel sore, and tired, and beat up, every game—just like me. 
            It’s halfway through the season and we still haven't quite found our identity. Let's discover that tomorrow. I know it's out of conference, but let's make a statement. 
            I can't do this alone, none of us can. We either heal now, as a team, or we'll suffer as individuals like we did today.


  1. I like the direct quote from "Inch by Inch" at the end--it being my favorite speech EVER in the history of speeches. Al Pacino would be proud.

    Get the win tomorrow, guys.


  2. Nice Michael. Good words for the younger guys....

    Coach Justin