Tuesday, January 10, 2012

CONTEST: Fight Night All Night

            So it’s about a week before Christmas, I’m getting antsy.  I’m seeing all of these presents underneath the tree and I’m wondering WHAT COULD BE IN THOSE PRESENTS?  I figure since it’s not that large it had to either be a book, something wrapped in a small case, or a video game.  I knew that in that 3 page list I had made of potential Christmas presents there were only a few games on that list and I was pretty confident which one it was.  (I can’t remember exactly how many or if i knew how to properly spell liaise fair because it was quite some time ago.)  So anyway, my parents say I can open one gift early and I know fo-sho that I’m going for the one that looks like a video game.  So I open it, and unsurprisingly, it’s a video game, Fight Night, the first one I believe but I’m not certain enough to bet my Nerf Gun collection on it.  So anyway, I open the game about a week before Christmas.  I start playing it in the game mode where you do your own career as a boxer.  I named myself purple flash; because if you battled me it was just a flash of purple.  So I’m playing all day every day, and I’m focusing, I want to make every foe I meet remember the name Purple Flash, and I wanted them to suffer by my fist which was wrapped in a boxing glove.  So I’m playing this game and I’m pretty much only stopping to eat, occasionally stopping to fold up some clothes or something like that as well, but I’m not really getting any sleep.  As I’m playing I notice there have been more and more gifts piling up under the tree and I really can’t wait for the big day to come.  I’m so excited I really can’t sleep, I’m just staying up playing Fight Night, punching guys and taking names (Todd very well could be one of those names).
            So anyway, I don’t feel like taking you down a long and winding road because that wouldn’t be kosher, I’m just going to stop telling you what I was doing over those days and let you know; I was up all night every night playing fight night.  So it’s the day of Christmas, about 5:00 A.M. and I’m getting excited, I decide that I want to have the thrill of waking up on Christmas morning so I decide to get up and go to sleep.  So I get out of my chair and I’m about to go to my room when my chair calls for me.  Due to not having slept in almost a week, I pass out almost immediately after standing up.  So I miss Christmas morning, and don’t get to open my presents first, but now that I think of it there’s a serious problem.  I was up pretty much all night right next to the Christmas tree, WHEN DID SANTA COME?


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