Tuesday, August 28, 2012


            I awoke, startled, to the sound of “Bring it Back” by Travis Porter blaring from my phone.  It was 8:30…I still had a few minutes so I hit snooze.  At 8:45, my alarm went off once again.  This time I knew I had to get up.
            My first registration appointment was set for 9:15.  In the meantime, I sat at my computer reviewing my strategy for which classes I would choose.  Our advisors urged us to plan out our classes, and have several options in case our first choices filled up.  So I heeded their advice; I had a plan, and backup plan, and a backup to my backup plan.
            In our first registration period we’re allowed to sign up for up to 4 classes.  9:15 came, and all the classes I wanted were still available.  I clicked accept, and the classes went through.  No problem.  That wasn’t too bad.
            My next appointment wasn’t until 12:45 so now I had some time to kill.  In the meantime, my roommate and I went to the dining hall, grabbed breakfast, and came back to the dorm to relax.  So far, registration had been a breeze, so we hung out, listened to music, and didn’t think twice about the second appointment.
            For the next round, my roommate registered first.  Once again, he got his classes without any complications.  It was 12:15, and all my classes were still open.  We high-fived, and began our wait once again.
            At this point, my second registration appointment seemed like a formality.  The classes I wanted were available, as well as both of my backups.  But in a matter of moments things went downhill fast.  First one class closed, then another.  Then the first one reopened.  It was 1:25, and my schedule no longer seemed so secure.  The next wave of registration was at 1:30, and my worst fear came true.  Two more classes closed.  Luckily, my English was still open, but just like that I was out of a sixth class.
            Now, I was on the clock.  I had 15 minutes to find another class that fit my schedule and wasn’t full.  I raced through the course atlas, but seemingly each one was already closed.  Finally, at 1:44 I gave up.  I needed to make sure I at least got my English class.  The clocked turned and I clicked “register” immediately.  I was in.
            Now I just needed one more class.  But I didn’t know what to take.  I had thought about taking a philosophy class, perhaps one on the human mind or the philosophy of law, but they were both full.  I looked back at the philosophy homepage and spotted Philosophy 132: Intro to Philosophy of Art.  In desperation, I punched in the 4-digit code.  It was open.  Not exactly what I’d wanted, but it would have to do.
            In the end, I had to foul off a few curveballs, but I made it through registration in one piece.  Classes start tomorrow, and that should be a whole different ballgame.

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