Monday, August 20, 2012

What To Pack?

            Friday, I leave for college.  I’m flying down with my parents to Atlanta, where we’ll say our goodbyes and part ways for good(or at least until Fall Break).  Many of my friends are ready to go; some have already left.  I, on the other hand, haven’t even begun topack.
            What does one bring to college?  At face value it seems simple.  Some clothes, a toothbrush, what more could a college kid need? But then there’s sheets and bedding, shampoo, shoes.  Perhaps a TV or an Xbox is on the list of essential items.
            Packing for college isn’t quite like packing for summer camp.  First of all, mom no longer has the time or desire to fold up my clothes, meticulously sewing nametags to each article so that everyone knows they’re property of Jake Max.  And unlike my simple camp uniform, I’d like my wardrobe to consist of more than just gym shorts and t-shirts.
            The real question is what to take.  My dorm room certainly won’t house my entire wardrobe, and narrowing it down is no simple task.  I certainly won’t need all 4 pairs of air force ones, and I might leave behind one or two of my half a dozen Park baseball shirts.
            My parents keep prodding me to start organizing my possessions, decide what should stay and what should go.  Making piles of clothes seems like a relatively easy task, perhaps exciting for some, yet I hesitate to begin that process.
Part of me has accepted that I’ll be leaving in a few days, but there’s something about theidea of going into my dresser and finding it empty of my favorite garments that scares me.  I feel like once I’m all packed it will be almost like I’ve already left.  My room depleted of my belongings will certainly be foreign.  So for at least another day or two I’ll put off the packing. I’m leaving home soon enough as it is; I’d at least like it to feel like home as long as I’m here.

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