Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Perfect Date

When I wrote my post seeking a formal date I said a lot of things about myself. It was an advertisement for why any girl would be privileged to be mine for the weekend. In retrospect, what I failed to articulate was what I was looking for in a date.
Different people have different priorities when it comes to their criteria for a good date. For many, their top priority is simply sex--all they want in a date is someone who shares their desire for intimacy. I tend to believe quite the contrary; while hooking up with your date is a nice bonus, there are definitely other things to consider when making your selection.
For me, the number one criteria for a date is someone whose company you can truly enjoy for a weekend. There is nothing worse than being stuck in a room with a girl who hasn't the slightest interest in enjoying the experience together. A good date goes out of her way to ensure you are enjoying your own formal.
Behind companionship, the other trait that I hold above all else is affection. This affection needn't be in a sexual way, necessarily, but a certain display of caring is pivotal in being a successful date. Thoughtfully painting a cooler is undoubtedly one example of such affection, but that dwarfs in comparison to time spent walking down the beach together or dancing into the night.
My first formal will definitely be one that I will always remember. My date painted me perhaps the frattiest cooler on the beach. I chilled with my boys on the gulf by day, and partied the night away to follow. It's experiences like these that make you learn something about yourself; I know I did. So, until next year, here's goodbye to Panama City Beach, and it's already time to start looking for my next date.

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