Monday, October 17, 2011

And The Winner Is:

The viewers have spoken.  Despite a controversy over word count, Electric Green Jammers is the winner of our first story contest.  Congratulations.


  1. booo!! My original story was over the word count and I cut 50% of it (aka all the humor) so it would be that ridiculous 250 words.

  2. well this is awkward, whoever you are, you weren't second, best case scenario you were tied for third, so it doesn't matter either way for you...

  3. Actually, above Anonymous, it does. If the first Anonymous hadn't cut down his/her story to fit the word limit then it may have been more appealing to this audience and, consequentially, may have placed or won. If you set one rule for a competition, you should really stick to it.

    Further, you should not choose to violate the rule by popular vote. Since Ellie had already won the popular vote once, it is logical that she'd win it a second time (for those who argue that all the people who voted for the pieces lower than 2nd place may support keeping the rule, I would respond that they'd no longer have an interest and therefore most likely wouldn't vote). If you're going to break your one rule by popular vote, at least choose to do so BEFORE announcing who the winners will be dependent on whether or not the rule is broken.

    But, really, don't create contests with one rule and then break that one rule because you want to enable a certain person to win. It's actually simply ridiculous.

  4. hah yeah 'cause jake and mark were definitely pulling for ellie to win...