Wednesday, October 5, 2011

CONTEST: French Toast

Okay, so it’s Saturday morning and I’m home alone.  Now I don’t know about you guys but for me clothes are about everyone else, so when I’m home alone, I don’t bother with stupid things like clothes or breathing.  So I’m completely naked as I walk out of my room and walk downstairs to the kitchen.  Then I’m faced with a difficult choice: should I have cereal for breakfast, or should I make French toast?  A question everyone must ask themselves one day.  Well the choice was made easy because we actually didn’t have cereal, so obviously I got to work on the French toast.  Then I was at that point where I needed to get out a spatula.  So I’m bending down trying to find a spatula when I hear an unnecessarily loud scream, immediately after the scream I hear footsteps sprinting down the stairs.  I turn around to find my mother’s friend who had spent the night at our house.  Once I turn around she continues to scream and it is still unnecessary.  Then my mom comes downstairs, thankfully she realizes that it is unnecessary to scream and so thankfully she doesn’t scream, instead she just looks at me she says to me “why are you naked,” unsure of what to say I say the only rational thing I can think of, “It’s comfortable.”  She gives me a look and makes me go upstairs to put on pants, and then I come back down and make myself some French toast.