Monday, October 27, 2014

A Walk In Their Shoes

            Student Parking Only has served me well as an outlet for my personal opinions.  There I’ve shared small anecdotes and bouts of wisdom that I think are relevant in our everyday lives.  Yet, lately I’ve felt a void that I have been unable to fill with the occasional blog post.
What I’ve come to realize is that there is an inherent flaw in trying to represent a community with just one voice.  I believe that in my readership there is a wealth of opinions and insights that goes largely unrepresented in my blog that has become so personal.  As my good friend, Michael, likes to say, “Everything is relative.”  We need to see issues from more than one side to claim any sort of knowledge on a subject.
A glaring problem I see with society today is that we do not make judgments with regard to the people at the heart of the issue.  We see headlines flashing up and down Facebook, tiny vignettes flowing through our brain with no filter.  Too often, it seems, the massive amount of information that we retain is dictated by our search history and friends list as opposed to a natural yearning for enrichment.
            So, I present to you, A Walk In Their Shoes.  With this addition to Student Parking Only, I hope to open a new window into the lives of the people that I have tried to serve on my own for the past three years.  This is a space where individuals will share their own perspectives—a place where we can see the world, not from the ever present eye of the media, but rather, from the eyes of the people living in it.
            I hope to attract not only a diverse audience, but more importantly, a diverse cast of authors to offer meaningful content from individual perspectives.  I am calling for people with passions that go unrecognized.   People with missions that they hope to achieve.  People with visions for the future that they believe in wholeheartedly.
            Together, we can create a forum for uncovering perspective.  We can create a venue for hosting the brilliant ventures and initiatives we value so deeply.  This is an opportunity for us to tell the stories that would otherwise go untold.
            So, if you have a story, a passion, an alternative lifestyle, anything that you think might be of interest to the world if only presented from a different perspective, please send me a piece.  I want your voices to be heard.  I want your ideas to be understood in a new light.  I want the world to take a walk in your shoes.

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