Thursday, September 22, 2011


Dear Quinn,

         I decided to write a post for this blog because it seemed to me that no true opinions were being posted on the website, but rather the site consisted of bloggers over-analyzing and in an attempt to create a piece that would revolutionize the social thought of teenagers. My sole intent was to bring some comedy to this site, as evident through my theatrical post. What I do is an art. What YOU do is a cold habit. Why be so soon to criticize, when all I am succeeding in doing is bringing a laugh to my audience. Obviously YOU need a laugh. As the Joker creepily says, “Why so serious?” Life is too short to over-analyze and take offense to a piece that never had the intent to offend. I am a unique person with my own comedic views, are you suggesting that I neglect my sense of creativity and comedy? Are you suggesting that I am dumb? I wrote this post for entertainment purposes. We all sit in school for hours on end each day and listen to the drones of academic analysis, why would I write a piece that states the obvious? However, if further posts will not be appreciated, let me know. If you don’t want to hear from me, let me know. What I do is an art, what people who criticize do is an unwarranted habit.