Sunday, September 4, 2011


            I don’t know how to write in cursive.  I gave up real soccer in favor of FIFA 10 for Xbox.  My favorite way to socialize is by playing Words with Friends on Facebook.
            As I sit here, typing away on my laptop, I’m also chatting on Facebook and mindlessly perusing the Internet through Stumbleupon.  When I’m done with this post, the first thing I’ll do is tweet about it.  Later, I’ll check up on my fantasy football team, with opening day fast approaching.  I’ll read about my beloved Orioles losing again per usual.  Perhaps I’ll test my knowledge on sporcle, or check out the latest fools to make their way onto tosh.0.
            Don’t get me wrong; computers are great.  I could sit for hours chatting up a storm with people I’d never speak to in person.  Browsing twitter can be one of the most amusing pastimes, and nothing beats a good youtube video.  But lets take a minute to consider what else I could be doing on this pleasant Sunday afternoon.
            Today is the last day of the Baltimore Grand Prix; events began at 8 AM and won’t end until 5 in the evening.  After a summer of boiling temperatures, the weather is finally nice enough to play some touch football or simply stroll through the neighborhood.  I haven’t ridden my bike in years, and my basketball sits in my garage yearning for me to pick it up and shoot some hoops.  There are dozens of restaurants where I could enjoy a nice meal; I’m always up for a Chipotle burrito, or a hamburger at Fuddruckers.  I have a closet full of books I’ve never read, and a list of about 7 college essays to write.  After two days of school I already have plenty of homework to deal with.
            I have 30 followers on twitter and 679 alleged friends on facebook, but I occupy my couch alone.  I’m a keystroke away from hundreds of girls, but I still can’t seem to find a date.  What really lies behind all the texts, wall posts, and videochats?
            So while you sit in front of your computer, reading this post, take a minute and think about what else you could be doing.  Your computer will always be waiting for you, but life will move on without you.  Don’t be like me.  Go out Sunday afternoon; see your friends, eat good food, relax.  Your life is what you make it, and Facebook can only take you so far.

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