Monday, April 16, 2012

Summer To-Do List

            As scary as it is, my classes end for good this Thursday.  Next Monday I start my Senior Project, and in 6 weeks I’ll be done with high school forever.  Before I go off to Atlanta in the fall, there are few things that I definitely want to do this summer.  For the first time in years, I’m going to be home for the duration of vacation.  Besides the obligatory summer job, there are five things that I want to accomplish between June and September, all of them in or around Baltimore (everything’s within a 90 minute drive):
1.  Go to an Orioles Game
            A week and a half into the season, and the Orioles are still tied for first place. I actually went to the game last week on my birthday when the O’s lost in ten innings despite having the bases loaded for Adam Jones in the bottom of the ninth. My hopes are still high for the O’s, but even if they fall into their usual cycle of loss after loss, going to the game is still a must for anyone who lives in Baltimore.  We’re lucky to have one of the nicest stadiums in baseball today, and even when they lose, it’s always nice to spend an evening eating a hot dog, sipping a coke, and watching the birds play.  If we’re lucky, they might even string some wins together.
2.  Bengie’s Drive-In
            There’s nothing quite like a drive-in movie.  As far as I know, the only one in the Baltimore area, Bengie’s offers a great deal on weekend evenings.  Where else can you pay $8 and see 3 movies?  The Friday and Saturday night triple-feature is by far the best bang for your buck in the movie business, especially these days when it costs 10 or 11 dollars to see a film in the local AMC.  Take a night and drive down to Bengie’s; buy your popcorn and a large Dr. Pepper, pump up the radio volume, and enjoy the latest summer blockbuster.  A relic of years past, Bengie’s is a unique experience that everyone should take part in.
3.  Hershey Park
            I can’t think of a better way to spend a hot summer day than at Hershey Park, or any amusement park for that matter.  Just an hour and a half up 83 North, Hershey Park offers a wide array of roller coasters and water park attractions.  Along with Great Bear, Storm Runner, and Fahrenheit, a new attraction is opening this summer: Skyrush, which will feature a 200 ft drop.  But even for non-roller coaster fans, Hershey Park has ample entertainment for everyone.  From the classic carnival games to Hershey’s Chocolate World, it is sure to be a sweet day.
4.  Camping
            Since my sleepaway camp days, I haven’t taken the initiative to go camping.  Yet, something about roasting marshmallows and sleeping in a tent is still incredibly appealing to me.  This summer, I’d definitely like to take a weekend and go camping with a few of my friends.  It’s easy; all you need is a tent, a few sleeping bags, and somewhere to sleep.  A backyard would be adequate; but for more adventurous types, there are plenty of places to go camping in Maryland.  Here’s a website with a guide to camping locally  Go buy some marshmallows, graham crackers and Hershey’s bars; you’ll be on your way.
5.  Golf
            In what other sport can you drive around in a little cart, stopping occasionally to hit a little white ball across a field to a hole?  Golf is the ultimate brosey sport.  Grab your dad’s old set, sign up for some tee time, and go have a ball.  For casual players, it’s a nice escape, and a great way to work on your tan.  If you’re looking to get good, go to the range, work on your game.  Anyone who practices enough can get good at golf.  Regardless, a quiet day on the golf course is a great way to relax, be social, and maybe even get some exercise, especially if you bypass the cart and walk instead.
            Summer’s a great time to try new things.  So instead of sitting around and playing video games all summer (of course a healthy dose of videogames is perfectly acceptable), get out there; try something new.  I’ve lived in Baltimore for 18 years, but there are so many things that I still haven’t done.  Take advantage of the time you have here, because it won’t last forever.

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