Sunday, January 24, 2016

Verse: the first

Now, it's time—
Sit back, and listen.
Kick your feet up,
I'll be pissin'—
Full 6 minutes,
On a mission.
Going numb—
Make that incision.

My friends think—
I'm going insane.
Like a virus—
It's in my brain.
Never ending—
Like a migraine.
Hear them whispering—
That's my name.

If you say so—
Friends come and go.
All the real ones,
They will stay, though.
Strong relations stick—
Like playdough.
You won't make those,
Out at Dayglow.

Throw that beat on—
Rhyme along with,
Lyrics, with music,
And a spliff.
Keep your ears out—
Hear that drum riff.
Like you're jumping—
Off a tall cliff.

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