Sunday, January 24, 2016

Verse: the second

Now, it's time—
Sit back, and listen.
Kick your feet up,
I'll be pissin'—
Full 6 minutes,
On a mission.
Going numb—
Make that incision.

Take a break—
Let's get baked.
Over the fire—
You're raked.
See the flames—
Huge mistake.
Feel the heat—
It's too late.

Yes, we all—
We all make.
We make stupid,
That's why they do,
One, two, three...
Thirty-seven takes.

That's not me—
I do one.
Cause I think it's more fun.
Gonna soak up the sun.
Gonna keep writing puns.
Always talk with my tongue.
Right now, I'm living—
Grab on the bottom rung.
Climb the ladder—
Get stung.

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