Thursday, February 11, 2016

Lesson 1

A guest poem by: Alexi M.

Poetry is his vent,
That’s where all his time’s spent,
Not in the libs, just at the crib, postin’ posts like a tent.

I’ve told the kid to get working,
Because the college time is for learning,
But he’s jottin’ down on a notebook, for a rap hook we’re not yearning.

For what is rap without flow,
You buy those lyrics for the low?
Or a beat maker without a shaker, bro you ain’t no DJ Esco.

So read this and take note,
This is the first lesson on flow.
I’m sorry to say it but the truth hurts,
You either got it bro or you don’t.

So write a blog post about your life, not a fake image and stop flexin’.
Cause I swear to god if you rap again, I’ll drop another one of these lessons.

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