Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The One?

Strange anecdotes.
Start taking notes.
Seen a ghost?
Still has a vote.
In the same boat.
Can’t leave—
The Goat.
Pass that bowl.
No, not a mole.
Like huffing coal.
Black lung—
Bright soul.
We’re acting young.
Sticks out a tongue.

Just found the one.
The one who’s ripe.
The one who gets it.
Gets it—
The one who knows,
To use a knife.
The one who acts,
Immune to strife.
The one who plays,
Will win the prize.
The one who doesn’t,
Tell sick lies.
The one who’ll care—
Until you die.
The one who’s in,
For the whole ride.

It’s what's inside,
It’s what you hide,
And, what you don’t—
Cow’s more than hide.
Don’t be afraid—
To eat those fries.
Just being you—
Nothing to hide.

Don’t fear the type.
Embrace the hype.
For years, I’ve searched—
Looked left and right.
This one’s for you,
But vague—
Just right.
Cause, they don’t get it.
Feel the fight—
Fight the urge,
To do what is right.
Bury all of your deep insights.
No one’s mourning—
Petty plight.
Doesn’t mean—
Mean you are wrong.
Never stop singing—
Your song.
Never stop ripping—
Your [rhymes with know]
 And so,
I’ll go.

Goodbye, for now.
I hope you found,
This poem in,
Good humor.
To say whatup—
To make a sound.
To make a smile of that frown.
Many would simply call me,
Behind my back—
But, you are different.
I think that.
They think I’m crazy—
I know that.
But, this—
It’s worth it.
Up to bat.
Can’t take it back.
It’s in the sack.
It’s whim—
It’s whack.
It’s sharp—
Find bars—

Now, cross my fingers—
Text me back.
Yes, you know who—
You met me blacked.
And if you don’t—
Then, this is trash.
Three hours—
That I won’t get back.
A longing—
A great void.
A lack.

I'm waiting,
So, now,
It's on you.
I'll be here—
So, whenever you,
Are feeling blue.
Give me a call—
I'll talk 'til two.

You're in the crew, now.
Yes, it's true.
Yes, you're the one.
The one—
It's you.
The missing piece.
Not on the lease—
Might as well be.
Same goes for me.

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