Wednesday, February 10, 2016

This is me

Claim to be,
Risk averse?
Might as well,
Call the hearse.
There's no life—
Without thirst.
For all acts,
There's a first.
Not your best—
Not your worst.
Almost looks—
Like you're cursed.

I'm still lost—
In the field.
Bo Bergdahl—
Never yield.
Pen's the weapon—
I wield.
Draining shots—
Buddy Hield.
They all ask—
What's your deal?
They don't know—
How I feel.

Now you know—
This is me.
Yes, I write—
Used to like,
Watching Glee.
Now, I'd rather—
Spark spleefs.
Never tofu—
Ground beef.
You're just you—
I'm the chief.

Chief of Fun—
Endless activities.
You're the heat—
I'm the breeze.
You're the hops—
I'm the wheat.
The world's under my feet.
There's much more,
Than Wall Street.
I refuse to be beat.
Can't knock me off my feet.

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