Wednesday, February 17, 2016

One More, From Mom

In the middle of the night
I woke in despair
To read the post I’ve long awaited
On the site where you’ve laid your soul bare
I have to admit
Your latest posts have left me questioning
Is my kid ok, or are his wounds really festering?
Your writing is bold and witty and funny
Sometimes it’s angry and pithy and punny
As your mom I understand that words are your outlet
Who knew how far you’d take this blog from the outset?
It’s the end of an era
One that had its highs and lows
The drama played out online
And at times you came to blows
But you put yourself out there
And for that you should be proud
You always stand by your convictions
Never aim to please the crowd
The people who know you
Understand who you are
We all love you for your passion
Your loyalty and  your eagerness to spar
I know you’re wondering where the road will lead next
Sometimes that’s scary and leaves you perplexed
No matter where life takes you
I know you’ll be fine
In the meantime we’re all grateful

It’s the end of the Jake Max whine

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