Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Stay up 'til four

Stay up 'til four—
sharks catch more fish than lures.
Getting bored?
Do meaningless chores.
Dive in—
Find the earth's core.
Climb 'til you're sore.
Go hunt wild boar.
See Springsteen on tour.

Time spent laying in bed—
it will fuck with your head,
while you're getting uh...head.
Yes, you heard what I said.
Gotta get up instead.
Gotta ride up ahead.
Else, you'll fill up with dread.
How'd I meet her?
Ask Ted.
What's in paint,
if not lead?

No one's died,
And not said—
Said they'd wished they'd done more.
Wished they weren't folklore.
Wished they'd leveled the score.
So, I kindly implore—
Stay up 'til four.
Stay up 'til four—
& you'll end up doing more.

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