Tuesday, February 16, 2016


She lent me a pen—
Thank goodness I asked.
Still, I wish instead,
That she'd offered her flask.
We're sitting in class,
Prof's talking real fast.
Buzzwords coming in hot—
Get shut out by ear wax.
Focus in—perfect shot.
Fault me for being brash?
It's a rash.
Can't be thrown in the trash.
Like a virus,
You try to...
Today junior.
Like dry humor?
Baby boomers.
Should've told me.
Told me sooner.
That in life,
There's lots of losers.
That for many,
There's no future.
That some wounds,
Cannot be sutured.

Never fear.
No, don't dismay.
I'm not going away.
'Til I hit 100k.
All the tree branches sway,
But, they won't fall today.
For that, you'll need an axe.
Break the earth—
Human tax.
Use it up,
Put it back.
In a landfill—
That's whack.

When I take, though,
I return.
Not the type that likes to burn.
People are all that they earn.
Not in dollars—
Bernie Sanders—
Who we need.
Hillary, next in line—
In this dynasty—
She's clean.
Called "democracy,"
That's mean.
It's in the genes.
If you buy jeans,
Without a logo,
You're unseen.
This is new wave—
Second gen.
Better diagram than Venn.
Feed you daily,
Like a hen.
Darling, thanks.
Take back your pen.

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