Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Final Lesson: An Ode To Jake Max

A final guest post by: Alexi Msays

I’m writing this for all those who never grasped, 
what this blog really meant to the kid named Jake Max .

It wasn’t a hobby, it was a way of life,
he spoke his mind, not always polite.
He said some things that others wouldn’t have dared,
He even picked up poetry so he could add to it some flare.

I remember back when he wrote “for the boys”,
Damn, I never thought a blog post could make so much noise.
So I asked Jake why would he put himself through that?
Did he not see that people were talking smack?
He looked me in the eyes and said “Of course I know that,
But what you do not understand, is where my mind’s at."
So I asked him where it was, and what were its desires,
He told me with a big grin "to set the internet on fire".

He told me I would never understand him, that none really could.
But I think people should try to understand, they really should.
Life’s about being you, and nobody else.
And for better or for worse, that’s what the kid felt.
He never took on a persona that was not strictly him,
He placed less focus on the losses, but more focus on the wins.
He would do anything for anyone, no matter the personal burdens they brought,
Because Jake Max is that kind of guy, like him or not.

And while this blog was his vent, he did it for others,
Even when he raps on the track thinking he’s a brother.
So I’ll be damned if this blog doesn’t hit one hundred thousand views,

Because if anyone deserves it bro, 

It’s you.

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